Green Monster: What can your team learn from Limerick’s 2018 hurling machine?

Limerick’s gritty collectivism was the story of the 2018 hurling championship. The side coached by Paul Kinnerk illustrated what hurling played at its best looks like and presented us with a welcome reminder that individual brilliance is not the only sort of brilliance worth celebrating. The basis for the following statistical study of the Limerick performances is to identify some of the more interesting patterns associated with those displays in the hope that others can learn from such excellence.

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Do we really want our sports (coverage) to be this stupid?

In an interview with The Blizzard former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson declared: “I don’t think the media are actually that interested in what happens in game of football”.

This is significant – the narratives which dominate media coverage of sporting events, generally, do not mirror the conversations that elite sports people or those interested in the factors which actually contribute to sporting success have with one another.
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